We as the   excellent platform for the students seeking for nursing education help   you to identify your career path and guides you to achieve your goals.


Education Loan

You  don’t have to worry about getting an Education Loan. Our team  will  assist you throughout to turn your dream into reality, without  money  being an hindrance

Travel Accompany

EduAsk  always provide travel accompany for students whether it is in state or  out of West Bengal we’ll always give you perfect  guideline and hassle  free services to you.

Low Budget & Costing

Education  in India may become a costly affair depending upon which   course/college you choose. We are always ready to make a budget before   you start

No Donation College

This  is the most important part of your budget. Though the average   Capitation Fee per year is increasing regularly, you no need to  worry  about that

Perfect Guideline

We  aim to provide perfect guideline for  our students. For Course  Inquiries, Admission Support, and Legal  Questions, we provide all the  ways you can contact us now

Direct Admission

In  India, normally private colleges give entry to students using this   process and the seats for Direct Admissions are limited to a small   percentage of the total number of seats

Accredited Colleges

Before  getting into a college, the most important thing is to check  whether  the course and the college is approved by the government body.  we do  all the groundwork to make sure the colleges are approved and   accredited

24×7 Help Desk

After  all this special benefits you will  also get anytime helpline from our  special help-desk. It is not only  before your admission but also we  help you even in any problem in  colleges during your study in campus  recommend an appropriate service for their needs.

Pre –departure preparation and orientation

EduAsk  also holds very informative and intensive  Pre-Departure orientations  that prepares the students to face the  initial cultural transition  problems they face on arrival.

Most of the  students who travel abroad for higher  studies have never traveled  overseas. Most of them rely on friends and  associates to assist them on  arrival. The new environment can be  daunting and students lose  confidence after a few false starts. 

Our team prepares students for success by holding workshops on the following:

  • Personality development
  • Soft skills training
  • Special Class For Joint Entrance
  • Coaching for all subject



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